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Welcome to JaLa Yorkshire Terrier's.  We
hope that you will travel through these pages not
only to learn more about our Yorkie family, but
also the Yorkshire Terrier breed.  JaLa Yorkies
was founded on our love for this spirited,
beautiful and captivating little breed. Today it is
based on our vision of an elegant and healthy
Yorkshire Terrier that reflects the American
Kennel Club's breed standard and it's history.

We are a small show home dedicated to treating
our pets like family and working on developing a
line of Yorkshire Terriers that are sound in mind,
body and spirit.  Our vision starts with a yorkie
that is equally balanced in health, character and
conformation to the breed standard.  We do not
think that you can sacrifice any of these three
important aspects of the breed if we are going to
better the breed.

We have a very small, but very selective
breeding program.  Every litter is planned with
specific goals in mind. We breed primarily to
produce amazing Yorkshire Terriers to continue
the JaLa name and to respresent our hard work
in the show ring.  However we do from time
to time place pet puppies in carefully selected
pet homes.
A JaLa Baby at 2 weeks old that
would grow up to become..

Am CH JaLa's Up On Broadway
Health...we are working diligently to breed and
produce yorkies that are clear of the life threatening
and debilitating diseases that so
many yorkies are prone to.  We actively perform
genetic testing on all of our breeding dogs.  We strive
to produce yorkies that will remain healthy for years
to come.  This is something we are
very passionate about and do not cut corners.  All
yorkie breeders should be DNA testing their yorkies
for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy)
and PLL (primary lens luxation) since these are seen
in our breed and a test is available.  Please visit our
Yorkie Information page to learn what the yorkie
breed is at risk for.

Character...the playful and devoted nature
of the yorkie is its hallmark. They have a never-ending
love and desire to be with their owners.  They do
have terrier roots and this can be seen in their
"no-fear" approach to life and their constant desire to
please their owners.  But it is that sparkle of love,
intelligence and
curiosity in their eyes that separates them
from all others.

Standard...the Yorkshire Terrier is a beautiful,
graceful and unique breed. Their stunning
faces, small v-shaped ears, inquisitive
and elegant expression, flowing silk coat and
their compact bodies make them like no other. There
is nothing more breathtaking than a
yorkie in full coat gliding around the
ring with their head held high with an
air of importance.  
A Vision of Excellence
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More than just a vision...
It is important to have first the vision of excellence, but excellence is not
achieved merely by a vision...it is the dedication and the hard work
towards that vision where excellence is then born.  
At JaLa Yorkies excellence is more than just a vision!
Am GCH. JaLa's Broadway Baby
Bred By Grand Champion!
Midnight's Debonair The Great Gatsby - "Gatsby"
Pictured at 2 year old in Defrie's Calendar Garden
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Am CH. JaLa's Bright L:ights Big City
Bred By Champion!