At JaLa Yorkies we have very high standards when it comes to
our yorkies!  We do not take our responsibility as a breeder lightly.  
The health of our dogs and the health of the Yorkshire Terrier breed is
extremely important to us.  All of our Yorkies are health screened by our
veterinarian prior to breeding.  Our Yorkies knees/joints are checked,
blood panels are performed, hearts checked, eyes examined. We have
a wonderful relationship with our veterinarian and her place in our breeding
program is extremely important!  We appreciate her love and compassion
that she shows to our Yorkies every time she sees them!  Please
visit our
Yorkie Information page to learn more about the problems
that are affecting Yorkies and other toy breeds.


The Temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier is one filled with love,
dedication and intelligence.  We are completely in love with their playful,
cuddly and loyal little personalities.  These charming little companions  
definitely "had us at hello"!  We strive to produce puppies that are
out-going and grow up to be happy, well-adjusted Yorkies!  All of our
Yorkies are raised in our home without cages!


The Beauty of the Yorkshire Terrier breed is indisputable!  A well
proportioned Yorkie with sound movement, elegant silky coat and the
sweetness of their face makes them undeniably gorgeous!  While not every
Yorkie is destined for the show ring we do breed with the goal of producing
a Yorkie that can compete in the ring!

All of our Yorkies are AKC registered and good representations of the
breed.  While they do not all compete in the conformation ring, they do
have many wonderful "Yorkie" qualities and have produced some of the
most beautiful Yorkies.

A lot of care, time, effort and money goes into finding the Yorkies we feel
will best represent this beloved breed.  While we do spend many hours
comparing and researching pedigrees, only those of excellent health and
temperament are even considered for our breeding program.

Click Here For:
The Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard (AKC)

About JaLa's Puppies...

The health and well-being of our Yorkies and their puppies
is never compromised! Each planned breeding is done with great care and research.  
Our puppies are born into a warm, loving and clean environment.  All of our Yorkies
and puppies are kept within our home and loved unconditionally.  They are all socialized
safely from within our home.  Our puppies are born in an area where we can be with
them.  Either in our special nursery or in one of our bedrooms, it is a nice quiet
environment and creates a wonderful atmosphere for both mom and puppies.  Yorkie
puppies like most toy breed puppies are very unique and require a special eye and 24
hour monitoring!  When our puppies aren't with us they are viewed on a security
monitor, so they are always under our watchful eyes!  

JaLa puppies are sent home after 12 weeks of age, preferably
14-16 weeks old, but never before 12 weeks.  The smaller they are...the longer they will
stay with us.  So much is learned about being a good Yorkie from their mom,
their littermates and the other Yorkies in our home. This not only helps make the
puppies more outgoing and confident but allows them to adjust to their new homes
much easier and sets them on the right track.  It is important that these little babies are
eating well on their own before they leave their mom and littermates.

We do NOT breed for the so-called "teacups" or "tinies" but instead breed to the AKC
standard of "under 7 pounds".  Occasionally we will have a smaller puppy which we
hold on to longer, and will not send home any puppy until we feel the puppy is ready.  
Puppies must be a minimum of 2 lbs before they leave, no exceptions!  We strive to
produce puppies that will mature to at least 4 lbs.  Most of our puppies average at 4-6
pounds as adults.  

Every puppy is vaccinated 2-3 times
by our veterinarian (No Lepto due
to a higher incidence of allergic reactions in toy breeds) before going home.  We do not
ever vaccinate our Yorkies for leptospirosis.  We prefer to give the rabies vaccine once
our Yorkies are an adult weight and about 12 months old.  We also never give more than
one vaccine on the same day in order to minimize the risk of an allergic
reaction.  Talk with your veterinarian about administering Diphenhydramine (Benedryl)
prior to any vaccines to minimize the risk of reactions.  It is one thing for a 50 lbs dog
to have a reaction to vaccines, but it is harder to treat a toy breed dog for the same.

Every puppy is de-wormed on a timely and appropriate schedule.  We feel
that it is necessary to de-worm puppies even if their fecal sample is negative,
as most fecal testing is only about 75% accurate.   Yorkies are just too small to have an
intestinal parasite as they would get too sick too quick!

Our Yorkies are fed top of the line foods.  We will always feed premium brands
from companies with high standards of excellence.  We feel that a well-balanced diet is
one of the most important things you give your Yorkie.

All companion puppies are sold with limited AKC registration and
with a spay/neuter contract.  Every puppy is accompanied by an 18 month written health
guarantee and a puppy care package.  Inside the care package we have published the
necessary information for caring for your new little one, and some of the essentials,
such as toys, Nutri-cal, food samples, vaccination records, baby blanket, pictures and
more!   Everything is there to help get you started in the right direction, and we are
always just a phone call away!  

We also have a lifetime "Welcome Home" policy!  
All of our Yorkies are to be returned to us if the new owners can no longer
care for them for any reason.  We do not want to see or hear of any of our Yorkies
being placed in rescues or shelters! Therefore our Yorkies always have a
home here with us!

We love hearing from our puppy's new parents and updates with photos
make this all worth it!  We take great pride in our yorkies, they are so much
a part of who we are!

A Little About Us...

We are a mother-daughter team dedicated to the improvement
and promotion of the Yorkshire Terrier breed as a wonderful and healthy toy breed
dog.  We were both born with a great fondness for all creatures, but a special sweet
spot for dogs.  Over the years our paths lead us to Yorkies and neither one of us have
been the same since.  We are working together to build a line of Yorkies that we can
both be very proud of and we are so fortunate to have each other to lean on.

Laura has been a professional dog groomer for over 25 years!    In her free time she
enjoys time at her sewing machine making things for her family, friends and yorkies!

She fell in love with the Yorkie breed over 15 years ago with her first pet Yorkie, Rosie.  
Although Rosie is no longer with us she was the epitome of character and devotion for
the breed.  Rosie made us both fall head over heels in love with the breed.  Laura's heart
belongs to her Yorkies and she takes great strides to make sure her Yorkie kids are
happy and loved.  Laura has long dreamed of developing a show line of Yorkies,
wanting to show dogs since she was 12.  Her show career started in 2005 when she and
Quaker entered the ring for the first time...winning their first point and Best of Breed
they were hooked.

Laura's daughter Jackie grew up with her mom's influence and love of animals.  
She was taught to love, care for and to respect them.  Jackie's passion for animals lead
her to become a veterinarian.

Jackie used to think she wanted Great Danes and then Rosie taught her a thing or two
about size.  She fell madly in love with the Yorkies and knew that she wanted to breed
and show Yorkies for a long time to come.  After buying her first show potential puppy
in May 2005 and started showing later that year she too is hooked.  Jackie shares
Laura's vision of excellence and they are both working hard towards their goals.

We both love and respect the Yorkie breed with all our hearts and aim to make a
positive difference in the breed.

Still have questions???  Please visit our
FAQ page!
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