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Each and every one of our yorkies are so very special to us,
but there is a special bond and connection that forms when we take one into the show
ring.  Each win is treasured and every moment cherished.  

Here are a few of our special show kids who have touched our hearts and those of
countless others!
AKC Group Placing
UKC Ch. JaLa's Dream A Little Dream
(UKC BIS Ch Pellerd-Ore Quaker  x  UKC Ch Butterfly of Padawi's)

Emma is qwned by our friend Helen MacClellan of Dreamin' Yorkies and is co-owned and shown by
Jackie (handler/co-breeder). Emma finished her UKC title quickly and is major pointed towards her AKC
"“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort,
intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”"
-William A. Foster
UKC Group Winning/Multi Group Placing
Ch. JaLa's Steppin' Out of Line
(UKC Ch Pellerd-Ore Popstar  x  JaLa's Lil' Liatris)

Katie finished her UKC title in one wonderous weekend, with 4 best of breed wins over specials and
four group placements.  Katie also did very well in the AKC ring with Laura and has since been retired.
Group Placing Am GCH CH JaLa's Rile Me Up
(UKC BIS Ch Pellerd-Ore Quaker  x  Pellerd-Ore Esprit)

Riley finished his AKC Championship at just 19 months old going Winners Dog, Best of Winners and
Best Bred By at the YTCSEM Specialty.  Riley completed his Grand Championship title, earned miltiple
group placements and reached #3 All-Breed (early 2011) in only a few weekends out at a special all
completely breeder-owner handled.  Shown on a very limited basis, Riley finished in the TOP 15
All-Breed for 2011.  He also has his OFA certification and is grade 0/0.
Group Placing
Am/Can Ch. JaLa's Explosively Charged
(UKC BIS Ch Pellerd-Ore Quaker  x  UKC Ch Butterfly of Padawi's)

Nitro is owned by our friend Crystal Siemens of CryCa Yorkshire Terriers of Canada!
Nitro finished his Canadian Championship at only 14 months old!!!  Congratulations on your new
champion, we are both so proud of what you two have accomplished.  Nitro and Crystal joined us in
May 2011 for their first AKC show where Nitro took Back to back wins, going Best of Winners both
days!  We were so proud of Nitro and enjoyed getting to see him again!
BIS UKC Ch. Pellerd-Ore Quaker
(BIS/BISS World CH. Qoccle's Oliver Lightsome x  Pellerd-Ore Cindy)

Quaker was bred by Pellerd-Ore Yorkshire Terriers and was our first show yorkie.
He taught us so much in the ring about handling and grooming.  He finished his UKC title in one weekend
with multiple group placements and a Best In Show win.  He was pointed out in AKC before we decided
to retire him from the ring.  He was an excellent show man like his father Oliver and continues to give his
showy attitude even to his grandchildren.
UKC Ch. Pellerd-Ore PopStar
(Euro Jr, Multi CH V.I.P. of Padawi's  x  Hun Jr. CH Sapphire of Padawi's)

Elvis was bred by Pellerd-Ore Yorkshire Terriers.  Although Elvis embodies the type of yorkshire terrier
we dreamed of, he did not dream to be in the ring.  He did finish his UKC title rather quickly but was
retired shortly after due to his apparent distaste for the show ring.
UKC Ch. Butterfly of Padawi's
(Euro Jr. Multi CH Bodyguard of Padawi's  x  World Jr/Ger CH Angelina of Padawi's)

Kiki finished her UKC title in one short weekend going Winners Bitch all 4 shows and taking Best of
Breed over a special.  She also completed her UKC title with a full tail.  Kiki came to us from Padawi's
kennel in Germany and with a natural tail.  She wouldn't be Kiki without it and we are so proud of her for
showing it off in the ring.
Am Ch. JaLa's Up On Broadway
(Midnight Debonair's The Great Gatsby x JaLa's Up In Lights)

Benny finished his championship at 20 months old the YTCSEM supported entry following the
specialty!  The same weekend his grandsire finished his championship!
We are very proud of him and look forward to his sisters joining him on this page very soon.
Am GCh. JaLa's Broadway Baby
(Midnight Debonair's The Great Gatsby x JaLa's Up In Lights)

Josie finished her championship in just a handful of shows!
She won 4 majors and Best of Breed over multiple champions from the bred-by class!!!  She finished
her Grand Championship in just 2 weekends with multiple breed wins, wins over other champions and
multiple OH Group placements.  She finished with a bang, going Best of Opposite Sex at the
Yorkshire Terrier Club of Greater Kansas City over a beautiful bitch lineup!
We are very proud of her and believe she fulfills most of the qualities a yorkie should have!  Her
sisters will no doubt, be following in her paw steps!
Am Ch. JaLa's Bright Lights Big City
(Midnight Debonair's The Great Gatsby x JaLa's Up In Lights)

Piper finished her championship with 3 majors wins and Best of Breed (owner handler) over a
champion!  Her last major win was at an all breed show the same day as the Yorkshire Terrier Club of
Greater Kansas City over a beautiful bitch lineup!

We are very proud of her and believe she fulfills most of the qualities a yorkie should have!
With her championship she is the 3rd from her litter to become and AKC champion, from our most
successful breeding to date.  Her younger, full sister Vada is next up!