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Collapsing Trachea
What is Collapsing Trachea?

Tracheal collapse is a narrowing of the inner diameter of the trachea, that changes as the
dog breathes. The cartilage rings of the trachea lose their rigidity, and collapse when the
dog breathes, causing a harsh cough.  Not to be confused with "reverse sneezing" there
is a distinct difference between the two!

Most often this disorder is seen in middle-aged toy and miniature breeds.  Chronic
respiratory infection, obesity, and heart disease may all contribute to the development
of the condition, although it appears that it may also be congenital.

Your veterinarian can discuss with you ways to manage this condition in your
dog. Most cases can be treated successfully medically. Your dog should always be
walked on a halter, rather than a collar to prevent further damage to the trachea.  
Although there is no conclusive evidence that it is genetic, affected dogs should not be
used for breeding.

Severe cases can be life threatening and may require surgical correction.  If your yorkie
needs this surgery we urge you to get a second opinion and also to see an experienced

Please visit
www.CollapsingTrachea.com for more information.