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The Girls of  JaLa
UKC CH JaLa's Steppin' Out of Line
AKC Pointed - Retired
JaLa's Butterfly Kisses
JaLa's Attention Please
(AKC Pointed from puppy class)
JaLa's She Hung the Moon
(Pellerd-Ore Sweet Dreams x
Pellerd-Ore Venusz)
JaLa's Up In Lights
(GCH JaLa's Rile Me Up x JaLa's She
Hung the Moon)
JaLa's Dancin' in the Moonlight
(CH Luvstruck's Don't Sweat My Swag
x JaLa's She Hung the Moon)
Am GCH. JaLa's Broadway Baby
(Midnight's Debonair The Great
Gatsby x JaLa's Up In Lights)
Am CH. JaLa's Bright Lights Big City
(Midnight's Debonair The Great
Gatsby x JaLa's Up In Lights)
JaLa's Star Light Star Bright
(Midnight's Debonair The Great
Gatsby x JaLa's Up In Lights)
Retired Girls of  JaLa
JaLa's Up to the Moon n' Back
(Am. CH JaLa's Rile Me Up x JaLa's
Dancin' in the Moonlight)