What is Hypogycemia?

Yorkshire Terriers and many other toy breeds, due to their small size and rapid
metabolism, are prone to a condition called, Hypoglycemia.  Hypoglycemia
occurs when your puppy’s blood sugar level falls below normal.  Although it can
be fatal, it is avoidable when equipped with the proper knowledge.

What are the symptoms of a "Hypoglycemic Attack"?

Some symptoms are:
● Lethargy
● Loss of Appetite
● Seizures
● Vomiting     
● Wobbly /Dizzy Puppy
● Disorientation
● Loss of conscientiousness
● Trembling or Shaking (mistaken as a cold/nervous puppy)                     

What causes hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia most readily occurs in puppies under the age of 6 months, though
it is not unheard of in older dogs.  It seems to be related to the small size of a toy
breeds’ immature liver while they are not yet full grown.  The threat usually
resolves as the dog matures.     

Your puppy’s blood sugar level can drop for many reasons.  It can be caused by
a stressful situation such as a car ride, introduction to new surroundings, a trip to
the vet, or over handling.  It can also be brought on from missing a meal.  Puppy
hypoglycemia can usually be overcome by feeding frequent meals of a
commercial puppy diet.  

Preventing/Treating Hypoglycemia:

A nutritional supplement high in sugar, called Nutri-cal, can be used to keep your
puppy’s blood sugar level normal.  It can be used before going to the vet or to
stimulate a puppy refusing to eat and may be rubbed into the puppy’s gums for a
more rapid result.  About 20 minutes later your puppy’s appetite should return.  
Nutri-cal can be purchased from your favorite online retailer, local pet store, or
even from your veterinarian.

Other things such as Light Karo syrup in a syringe or honey can be used in a time
of need or for severe hypoglycemia.  If your puppy is experiencing severe
symptoms it is best to seek the treatment of a vet.  Occasionally hospitalization is
required in order to bring blood sugar levels back to normal.

If your puppy is prone to low blood sugar offer him a bowl of sugar water (small
amount of Karo added to the water) and a bowl of regular water.  Many puppies
will learn to use the sugar water when  they aren't feeling well!  Also remember
to feed small frequent meals of a moist food and also leave his dry food out at all
time as a puppy!

***Your Puppy Should NEVER Miss A Meal!***

Written by JaLa Yorkshire Terriers
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