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Multiple Group Placing
UKC Ch. JaLa's Steppin' Out of Line
(UKC Ch. Pellerd-Ore PopStar  x  JaLa's Lil' Liatris)
Bred By: JaLa Yorkshire Terriers
Katie is a wonderful girl who quickly became Laura's shadow.  
She adores her and would follow her anywhere.  Katie is a beautiful yorkie with fabulous
color and pigment.  She has a fantastic structure and flawless topline,
whether standing or on the move.  

She has a showy attitude that we hope will take her far in the ring.  
She completed her UKC Championship in style with 4 back to back Best of Breed wins
and 4 group placements in one weekend.  She is now being shown by Laura in the
bred-by class at AKC shows and hit the ground running.  With limited showing she
already has 9 points towards her AKC championship title, she is almost done!

She is a stunning young lady with a beautiful personality.  She has always shown great
determination to get her way and hence where her registered name "Steppin' Out of Line"
comes from. It is also an Elvis song, and since her sire is Elvis it seemed fitting.