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JaLa's Butterfly Kisses
(BIS UKC Ch. Pellerd-Ore Quaker  x  UKC Ch. Butterfly of Padawi's)
Bred By: JaLa Yorkshire Terriers
Kissi is a very special girl here at JaLa, she is Kiki's only daughter
that we have here with us to carry on her legacy.  She has her mother's gorgeous face and
perfect silky coat.  Kissi is a little coat factory, it just grows so quickly.  The texture is
just awesome.

Kissi is just as sweet, and happy as she is beautiful.  She melts our hearts on a daily basis
and brings a joyful smile to our faces.  She is just a fun and sweet natured girl that
reminds us constantly of her mom, Kiki.

Kissi was shown for a short while as a puppy, but did not show a great desire for the
ring.  She did well earning a puppy group placement at an AKC show.
Pictured at 18 months old