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Liver Shunt & MVD
*** Update on PSVA/MVD ***

Thanks to the wonderful researchers who are devoted to helping unlock
the mysteries of Liver Shunt and MVD there is great new information for
diagnosing MVD and LS.  

Dr. Sharon Center from Cornell University has dedicated a lot of her
time to the research of these diseases.

Below are some excellent articles of PSVA and MVD and links to the
most current information.  Please take some time to read this through.

June, 2008 -
Researcher Looks for Genetic Mutation Causing Canine Liver Shunts

March 26, 2008 - Dr. Sharon Center Interview - PODCAST

February 17, 2007 - Lecture Notes from Dr. Sharon Center's Lecture
on PSVA and MVD

University of Tennessee's Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a couple more links with some useful information!

Portosystemic Shunts

A note about MVD...

It is important to note that it is not currently recommended to
perform liver biopsies for the detection of MVD.  Dogs who have elevated bile acids
but normal Protein C activity are thought to have MVD (microvascular hepatic
dysplasia).  Dogs with abnormal Protein C actvity and elevated bile acids usually have a
large liver shunt.

It is important to also note that dogs with MVD are thought to not
require any special diet or treatments.  That they will live a long and pain free life.  Dogs
with MVD are asymptomatic (do not have symptoms) and dogs who are
having medical issues and symptoms and have been found to have
MVD  should continue to look further, as another health problem
is probably the cause, not the MVD.