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Beware of Puppy Internet Scams
More and more people are becoming the victims of puppy
scams and they are growing rapidly with the use of the Internet!  Since we
have talked to so many people who have been scammed or had their
identity stolen for the purpose of scamming we thought it would be a great
idea to list some warning signs of an Internet scam!

Puppy scammers will pose as a puppy seller that is trying to
sell you a dog that most of the time does not even exist!

What does a scam look like???

Most of the time an ad will be posted on the Internet or in the
newspaper for a puppy that is either very cheap ($400-500) or free and all
you do is pay shipping.  You send the money...and the puppy never shows
up!  Lesson #1...if is sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Often times the seller is a missionary or working in another country and
must sell the dog quickly.   There is usually some kind of sad story or story
of charity work involved.  They will usually ask for Western Union or a
money order as payment.  Most scams we have heard of actually have
originated in Nigeria, this is what they do for their income...scam people
out of their hard earned money!

Or maybe they pose as a breeder here in the USA...they promise you a
purebred puppy for a very discounted price!  (warning #1)  Again you
send the money...puppy never arrives!  

Some will even go as far as to setup a website with a stolen credit card to
make themselves appear like a legitimate source to buy a puppy!  

Earlier this year a Nigerian scammer took images and wording
straight from our website and posed as us in an Internet ad.  However even
with all the red flags in the ad...we had numerous people that wanted to
buy our yorkie for this very low price!  (They used a link to our website in
the ad to make it appear legit...so several peoplecontacted us through our
site instead of their e-mail address in the ad!)

What to do to avoid a scam!

*  Beware of free or cheap yorkies!!!

* Never purchase a puppy over the Internet without talking to the
breeder on the phone!  Responsible breeders want to talk to you first too!

* Beware of anyone promising to deliver the puppy within so many hours
of payment...most common is 24 hours, but have seen less.  It takes much
longer than that to make arrangements for a puppy to be properly shipped.

* Ask for a vet reference, this is better than other people who may have
bought from the breeder since they can give you fake numbers or other
e-mail addresses they may have.  In contacting their vet you are contacting
a place of business to verify the person exists as a client and if they are a
breeder the vet would recommend!

*  Do NOT send payment via money order or Western Union, these
payment methods offer no fraud protection. You are better off sending a
check or paying through paypal.

Already Been Scammed?

Puppy Scams are considered fraud and fraud is illegal!!!  Visit the links
below to learn more about what you can do now!




Hello,  (and generally they do insert your name)

Thank you very much for your quick response. We are also thanking you for
your patronage and we assure you that you will get the best services from us.


She has a travel crate (included in the shipping cost) and she has been
veterinarian approved to travel by air.  All medical documents will be included in
the shipment. Shipment will be made directly to your doorstep via our reliable
courier partners .Delivery time will depend on your location in relation to me.The
Puppy is AKC registered and has all of her current shots. She needs to be
provided with a good home. She enjoys to be pampered and will be excited to
receive individual attention. She has a 1 year health guarantee.

She has a elegant silky coat and the sweetness of their face makes them
undeniably gorgeous!
(This was stolen from our website...but notice they refer to
this one female puppy as "their"...read carefully!!!)

Every of our puppys are de-wormed on a timely and appropriate schedule.We
feel that it is necessary to de-worm puppies even if their fecal sample is negative,
as most fecal testing is only about 75% accurate.Yorkies are just too small to
have an intestinal parasite as they would get too sick too quick!

We strive to produce puppies that will mature to at least 4 lbs.  Most of our
puppies average at 4-6 pounds as adults.
(both paragraphs above were stolen,
and make no sense to be in this e-mail...another clue!  They add sporadic

Espe temperament is one filled with love, dedication and intelligence.We are
completely in love with Espe playful, cuddly and loyal little personalities.
they took a general statement about yorkies on our website and tried to tailor it to
Espe..personally I think they failed!)

Puppy Price and Shipment Details:

Espe cost is $450.00 and the shipping cost is $150.00 within Ohio and outside
the state is $250.00, but if we are delivery to your doorstep within Ohio the
shipment fee is $150.00 and outside the state is $200.00, if we are shipping to
your nearest airport within Ohio the shipment fee is $120.00 and outside the state
is $190.00.  
(I told them I live in Ohio already...and would come and pick her
up...this is their response...makes sense???? NOPE!)

The form of payment that we accept is Western Union Or Money Gram and we
want to assure you that all transactions are processed via our secure servers, so
you have nothing to worry about, so if we confirm your payment, then in 8 hours
after payment confirmation you will receive your puppy. Also After you make
your payment your puppy will be delivered directly to your home or if you want
it delivered to the nearest airport to you. We also give health and safe delivery
guarantee on all of our puppies. If you would like to purchase a your new puppy
now(Espe) please respond with the following, so that we can process your order
and start the packaging of the shipment of your puppy to you:

1. Full name
2. Address
3. Phone number
4. nearest airport

Payment Information:

Also if you are ready to purchase your puppy now,  we will send to you the
information which you will use in making the payment through western union or
money gram after confirming your willingness to purchase your new puppy in
your next email.

Personality: She loves to be held.

Comes with: AKC registration papers, Shot Records, Vet. Papers.

Please contact me with questions,
Puppy Scam Example!
Our Yorkie...Espe...was listed on PuppyFind for sale, $450 as being 8
weeks old and a show prospect...picture given was Espe as an adult!  If
you contacted the seller...this is the e-mail you would have received back!
Our comments are in RED!
We were able to get this scam stopped in less
than 24 hours and as far as we know nobody was
scammed because we were able to put a stop to it.  
Also the minute we found out we put an alert on our site
letting everyone know it was a scam!  

We also were able to get their e-mail address shut
down.  And yes we did e-mail them back a final time to
let them know they were busted! :-) This is an example of
one Nigerian Puppy Scam!  So please Buyer Beware...do
not be their next victim!!!
Thank you so much for your interest in our baby Girl,

I understand that you would like to visit our home, but my schedule time
is very tight at the moment.

However, I have contacted my Delivery Agent (Mr. Glenn Noll) who is
in charge of the delivery of our baby girl and I informed him to process
your order and start the packaging of the shipment of your puppy
(I did
not realize they package live animals up???)
to you Already we have
several buyers for our baby girl but I can see that you have shown
seriousness and interest to make paytment.

Please kindly visit any Western Union Agent around you and make
payment to

Name: Glenn Noll
Location: Lebanon, Pennsylavania 17046
Total payment is $450.00

We charge $150 for delivery to your door step but If you decide to come
over for the pick up yourself then you make only the $450 payment via
Western Union Money Transfer.

Please kindly attach and email me a copy of the payment slip from the
Westen Union agent that you made the payment from or email me in
details the transfer information such as the MTCN (Money Transfer
Control Number) Sender's Name? Sender's Location?

Your puppy will be delivered to your door step in 4 hours after payment
is received.  

Thank you

Shawna Carter.
We e-mailed back and told them we wanted to buy her!  
This was their reply!  Our comments in RED!